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Hi, my name is Rasie, I am an inspirational speaker, coach and bestselling author. I have been telling stories for as long as I have known. My intention as an inspirational speaker is to inspire my audience to reflect and take action. Action that is aligned with their WHY, values and goals. I keep my audience engaged through my leadership expertise and real-life examples that are relatable for all leaders and aspiring leaders. 

My voice is a gift that I use to inspire my audience to reflect and take action. Witnessing my intentions transform into reality from the feedback I receive is an affirmation of why I speak and continue to speak. 

I immigrated to a different country twice, in childhood and when I was a teenager. I have worked for various corporations. The different challenges I faced as a woman, black and an immigrant makes me different. I am on a mission to inspire more leaders to do better, be better and lead better through my story and expertise. 

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Survived to Thriving from different traumas, civil war, abuse, feeling of abandonment, losses and many adversities. Saying that I have many stories to tell is an understatement. I do this with the intention to raise awareness and inspire leaders to reflect, take action and do better.

You are not your trauma, and you have what it takes to get out of your own way and lead effectively. The first step is making the decision to take that next first step.

My energy, voice, words, expertise and experiences activates this for leaders when I share on stage. I am different and I fully embrace this. I walk in my truth; I work on purpose, and I speak from my heart. 

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