How does it feel to be an author?

I pondered on this question for years. What would this feel like? In 2001, I walked into a Chapters shortly after moving to Vancouver, Canada and my eyes, mind and body were immediately attracted to the books on display. It brought on this overwhelming feeling of joy from within; I have never felt this before. Books are one of my first loves. I didn’t know this at the time. I have grown to embrace it and love the uniqueness of each book and the story it holds

Next thing, I thought to myself, “What would it feel like to be an author? A black author? My face on the cover of a book? My book?” I never shared this with anyone as it felt very impossible. When I looked around, I didn’t see authors around me. This made it look impossible. Writing a book and publishing sounds like something extraordinary people do. I did not feel extraordinary at thirteen years old; I am from Sierra Leone and had escaped the civil war. What story could I tell? The limiting beliefs have a way of creeping up and holding us back from what looks impossible. Farther away from possibilities and action-packed thoughts.

A couple decades later, I published my first book. Before that, a significant number of transformations had taken place. I had fell many times and got back up and sometimes it was flat on my face. I never back down from inner or outer battles. I am here for the challenge and allowing transformation to happen.

I reached out to many authors and made time to learn more about their journey, what they wrote about and what advice they would offer. This happened during book readings, zoom conversations, reading authors’ content on social media and purchasing their books to learn more. As a result, I wrote and published my book in sixty days. I was prepping for many years; when I was ready, I reached out to my community for support, invested in expert support and created the space to write and publish within the allocated time frame.

When I get asked this question, I can say this with honour and gratitude………..

It feels satisfying, fulfilling, and rewarding. Allowing creativity, self-expression, and transformation to happen, can bring joy to your readers. At the same time, it can also be challenging because it takes effort, discipline, and patience to write and publish quality work.

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