People can project their insecurities unto you. Stay awake!

I know that this doesn’t happen intentionally, but it can hinder your progress or pursuit of your goals. I became aware of what this looks like when I heard these words from a very close friend at the time. They said, “why don’t you just keep working your 9-5, it is so much easier.” I know what I was working towards and was very clear of what I want and don’t want. If this clarity was not true for me, I would have put my friend’s words into action and convince myself that they are seeing what I can’t see from the outside looking in.

When I heard these words from my friend, I was working full time as an operations manager and spending about twenty-five hours a week working on my business plans. It was exhausting and at the same time I was driven to see it through. I knew why I was doing it and had visualize the outcome. I felt unstoppable and motivated by a WHY that was bigger than me.

When you are very clear on why you are doing something and what it would cost you to not do it, you become unstoppable. You can always come back to this when you feel overwhelmed, confused, unmotivated or when people project their insecurities unto you.

Stay awake!

You are the CEO of your life.              

When you believe that you can, you will.

I am rooting for you.

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